About Us

In this Global Village era, a universal language in the form of arts breaks down geographical barriers. Modern communication tools bring us even closer than before. We speak the same language through arts and it leads to the interaction of cultures.

Charlar Chicago weaves the cultural fabric through the introduction and paves the way for the diversified understanding of the different culture. Let us start weaving the future by creating bonds that will last a lifetime.

Cultures are sets of non changing behavioral attitudes and beliefs. For such a diverse cultures, we believe therein lies common attitude for all cultures. We espouse Honesty, Integrity, Trustworth, and Sincerity. These values are very much upheld by most cultures worldwide.

It’s these values that Charlar Chicago subscribes to. It is also our believe that diverse cultures can come together and share their experiences. Charlar Chicago is committed to exchanges. Be it in the form of events, exhibitions, arts and craft, and or similar beliefs.

Charlar Chicago opens the doors of impossibilities and makes them possibilities. By promoting common it hopes to bring diverse cultures closer to reality. Charlar Chicago welcomes different cultures to participate.

Charlar Chicago is an about weaving the cultural fabric and forging cultures together which aims to ensure that young people have access to a full and active cultural life. With the use of existing strong links with schools, cultural providers and enthusiasts, Charlar Chicago will create a world stage for culture to be interpreted, communicated and forged.

At the heart of the Charlar Chicago is a belief that people have the right to be both consumers and creators of culture. Communicators and people working within the cultural sector hold the key to this – by working closely together, schools, museums, galleries, theatres and other heritage and arts organisations can open up a wealth of new opportunities for people to experience and create a new and rich diversity of cultural products.